Anime Challenge #4 Favourite female anime characters – a list!

Along with my blog, I like to keep my MAL profile up to date as much as possible. Apart anime itself, the part of my profile that gets change the most is my favourite characters. As I made pretty clear in the last challenge post, I’m pretty fixed when it comes to my favourite male character. My favourite female character however is much more difficult to decide upon. At the moment this list looks like this:


This list is hardly extensive and even looking at it now I’m not keen on the order. So – stealing from someone else who is doing this challenge (I’m so sorry but I can’t remember who you are but I’m very grateful!), I’m going to write a list of all of my favourite female characters! So in no particular order…

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Review: Seraph of the End – Battle in Nagoya

The second half of the first season of Seraph of the End was one of the most anticipated shows of the Fall anime season. When 24 episode seasons are split into two halves over different seasons there is often a tendency to expect more from the second half than the first, if only because we know the characters and by this point expect some plot development. In this respect, Battle in Nagoya does well, fleshing out the characters further while pushing the plot forward using a single event as the main process: a battle in Nagoya. The big problem though is the lack of new ideas in terms of the main characters.

There is still a good amount of comedy in this season - especially given its not exactly a light hearted subject.
There is still a good amount of comedy in this season – which is great given its not exactly a light hearted subject.

Plot Overview

After recovering from their previous encounter with the vampires, Shinoa squad spend some time honing their skills and becoming more tuned with their demons. Though this seemingly only serves to show off some new powers Yu and Kimizuki have gained, the development of the relationship between Yu and Asharumaru does prove to be the real point of the opening couple of episodes.

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Seraph of the End, episode 11: Reunion of Childhood Friends

At the end of the last episode the inevitable happened, Yu and Mika met each other again. Perhaps unconventionally so in as much as Yu stabs a cursed gear through Mika’s chest. That left us all waiting eagerly to the resolution in this weeks episode.

Touching, shame they realised after Yu stabbed Mika.
Touching, shame they realised after Yu stabbed Mika.

What becomes clear from this episode are two things: firstly, Mika sees his relationship with Yu as somewhere on a fine line between brothers and lovers and, potentially more importantly, Yu has something else to worry about that may be even worse than his own demon, Ashuramru.

This is another high intensity episode as the vampires led by Ferid and Crawley continue the fight against the human army.

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Identifying common anime characters: ‘Dere’

This article will contain spoilers surrounding the nature of certain characters.

Recently I’ve been watching the anime The Fruit of Grisaia. In the first episode of the show a girl introduces herself to the main character and tsundere, and it got me thinking. If you went onto CrunchyRoll for the first time last night and decided The Fruit of Grisaia looked like a good first anime for you (hint: I’m guessing you wouldn’t), would you not be completely clueless as to what a tsundere was?

You might, like me, have a little bit more experience and begin to notice that certain character types come up again and again. So, allow me to shed light on some of the ‘dere’ character types and point out some examples from popular and ongoing shows.

In Japanese, ‘dere’ comes from the word ‘deredere’ which essentially means lovestruck (the internet takes credit for that, my Japanese is non-existent!). So all of the characters in this article would be involved in love/romance in some way.

Perhaps the most common type of ‘dere’ character is the one I’ve already mentioned: the Tsundere. On the outside these are characters that are cold, hard and rather lacking in positive emotions, particularly towards their love interest. At certain points or after a significant event however, these characters will come out of their hard shells to show a kinder, more sensitive side.

Rin Toosaka is a central character in much of the Fate series.
Rin Toosaka is a central character in much of the Fate series.

If you’re looking for a well established tsundere character, a good place to start would be Rin Toosaka from the Fate series. As for shows that are currently airing, I’d suggest watching Owari no Seraph to see Mitsuba Sanguu – though she only appears from episode 7 – she is the absolute picture of the tsundere type.

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Seraph of the End, Episode 3: The Demon in Your Heart

After watching the first two episodes of Seraph of the End last week I was very much looking forward to the the next episode in what is looking like a very promising show. After being accepted into the Moon Demon Company at the end of last week’s episode, today’s (or yesterday’s depending on where you are) episode saw Yu doing his utmost to get a weapon.

I’d hazard a guess that Seraph of the End isn’t going to go down as a writers masterpiece, and I say that here because of the opening of episode 3. After receiving a love letter from a fellow class mate, Yu is lectured on the benefits of developing relationships and ‘illicit sexual relations’ by Shinoa, before he demands a fight to take her Cursed Gear (the weapon used to kill vampires).

I like Shinoa already, keep putting the over confident hero in his place!
I like Shinoa already, keep putting the over confident hero in his place!

The 2 or 3 minutes these events take range from awkward to vaguely amusing and does show off Yu’s desire for revenge, however, it all seems like it’s been stuck together in a funny way. For the most part I’ve got good things to say about the episode, but the start didn’t quite work for me.

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First Impressions: Owari no Seraph (Seraph of the End)

Last night I started watching the dub of Seraph of the End. Another post-apocalyptic show where the human race has been all but wiped out by a virus released by vampires, with only those under the age of 13 and around 10% of the adult population surviving.

The main character, Yuichiro, is, to put it nicely, a bit of social introvert who doesn’t really do the whole making friends thing particularly well. That said he does live with a group of orphans and has done for at least 4 years, even if refuses to call them his family.

Yu had a family, even if he never admitted it himself.
Yu had a family, even if he never admitted it himself.

So far I’ve seen the first two episodes and a lot of time has been covered. Yuichiro, and his friends who survived the virus were taken away by the vampires to underground city as test subjects/dinner for vampires. Four years later, we find them at stage where they live an uneasy life together amongst the vampires. The first episode details an attempted escape by the group- without going into too much detail, lets say that only Yu escapes, with a bit of grudge to hold against the vampires thereafter.

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