Episode Focus: Scum’s Wish episode 5, Destruction Baby

About three weeks ago I wrote a first impressions for the Winter 2017 season and to be honest, I wasn’t that impressed. With one exception – Scum’s Wish (or Kuzu no Honkai).

Five episodes later I can’t say anything else from this season has grabbed me at all but Scum’s Wish is proving that I was right to be excited about it. From the outset, you could see that it was a show that was going to be dark, depressing and devoid of any hope or redemption for it’s main characters. Not only has this tone been maintained, but episode 5 has definitely been the darkest so far.


This episode is one full of desperation. Hanabi is desperate for anyone to the point where it has become hard to tell if she still has genuine feelings for Narumi at all. After sleeping with a past lover, Mugi begins to question the extent for his feelings for Hanabi which, of course, are thoroughly rejected in the way that we have come to expect from our lead female and narrator.

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