If My Heart Had Wings: Ageha’s Route

It’s been a while since my last post on the visual novel If My Heart Had Wings, and with a big announcement for March coming tomorrow (I’m really excited!), I thought now was the perfect time for the next.

As with any visual novel, If My Heart Had Wings is based on several different routes. In IMHHW’s case, there are five routes in total but you probably wouldn’t guess it when you start the game. In fact, when I started playing, it seemed that there would be two, maybe three routes. The two that seem obvious in the early stages are that of the game’s poster girl, Kotori, and childhood friend, Ageha.


No one is going to argue with me when I say that to begin with Kotori is thoroughly dislikable. Of course, she can justify this and later on things become clear, but you can forgive me for first going with Aoi’s childhood best friend, Ageha.

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If My Heart Had Wings: The Common Route

If you’re familiar with the visual novel format, you’ll know that usually, before anything substantial really starts happening in the plot, you are introduced to the story and characters in ‘the common route’. If My Heart Had Wings does not stray from this tried and tested formula, and it is it’s common route that I’m going to talk about here.


If My Heart Had Wings is a lengthy VN and it’s common route reflects that. Although I listen to all of the voice acting, I consider myself to be a pretty fast reader but it still took me around 12 hours to complete. There aren’t many decisions to choose from throughout the game generally so you only get three choices before Aoi’s choice of heroine is decided (unless you finish Kotori’s route and then you get a fourth).

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If My Heart Had Wings : an introduction

I’ve played visual novels on and off for a while now – in fact I’ve even completed one (yes, just one). At Christmas I was given If My Heart Had Wings, a story about mechanical gliders and the people that make them.

More about the story below, but first what I’m going to do over the course over a few articles. So far I’ve completed the common route and am half way through the first heroine routes and as I play through each I’ll offer my opinions on each, give indicators on the few decisions you get to make. I’ll also let you know my opinion on the restoration patch, add-on ‘Sweet Love’ and anything else that doesn’t fall under the main routes.

In If My Heart Had Wings you play as male protagonist, Aoi as he returns to his hometown and joins the Soaring Club. The story goes into a lot of depth on it’s central theme of flying, but also focuses on overcoming ones limitations.