Attack on Titan season 2: Tetsuro Araki interview

I don’t usually like to share things that were actually released a while ago as if they’re new, but that’s kind of what I’m doing here, but if you haven’t seen this (much like I hadn’t until 15 minutes ago) then I think you might appreciate it!

Chief Director of the upcoming second season of Attack on Titan, Tetsuro Araki gave an interview earlier this month to Aniplus Asia about working on and what we can expect from the new season.

There was a lot in the interview, but if you haven’t got time to watch it at the moment, I’ll give you a quick run down on some of the things he said.

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The Attack on Titan Challenge #6 Hoped for moment in season 2

Season one of Attack on Titan gave us a largely fleshed out world within the walls of humanities existence, a cast of dynamic and generally interesting characters. That means, going forward to season two, there’s a lot that could happen, and a lot that we might want to happen. I’ve kinda ruined this challenge article for myself as I’m actually up to date with the manga which has gone past the end of what anyone is expecting for the conclusion of the second season. So, with that in mind, I’m going to do my best to pretend I don’t know what’s going on and I’ll be attempting to be quite vague in the specifics of things.

There are loads of things a person might want to happen in season two. As I mentioned, we’ve got lots of interesting characters and the world has been nicely developed for lots to happen going forward, that said the thing I’m looking forward to seeing in the next twenty-five episodes or so is to do with the titans.

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From the bookshelf: Smokin’ Parade Volume 1

Youkou Kakujou is used to looking after his disabled sister who for all of her life has been restricted to a wheelchair. Everything changes though when the medical organisation, Amenotori develop a way to transplant any part of the human body – including legs. With his sister Mirai able to walk, all seems to have improved in Kakujou’s world. Little did anyone know that a tiny proportion of Amenotori patients suffer from an awkward set of side effects: a desire for grotesque violence, loss/gain of limbs and a creepy animal head – becoming what is simply known as a spider.

It doesn’t take long for Smokin’ Parade to give us all of this information in chapter 1 as the innocent, if haphazard, Mirai Kakujou transforms from bubbly party organiser into demon, limb chopping rabbit.

First though, let’s go back a bit and talk about the protagonist of this sorry affair. Youkou Kakujou enters as a bit of an oddball – jumping from a bridge onto a car only to provide the driver with the trash he dropped moments earlier. This is part of Youkou’s ‘family rules’, of which there appear to be many.

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The Attack on Titan challenge #5 Favourite Titan

I’m not actually one of the people that think Titans are the most important aspect of Attack on Titan. I’ve always thought that the relationships between the characters and the fear they feel by being trapped is much more interesting than the humanoid, man eating giants themselves. That said: they’re still pretty cool.

When I came up with the one I wasn’t entirely sure if I wanted to choose a mindless titan or a human titan. After all, just because of the two, possibly four human titans we’ve met so far in the show are the most intelligent it doesn’t mean they would have to be the ones I like the most. I mean look at Hange’s favourites: Sonny and Bean!

As usual though, I’m just go to ignore my explanatory speel and go for one of the human titans anyway. In season 1, for me at least, the best titan has to be the main antagonist of the second half, the Female Titan.

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Sugoi Japan Awards 2017 Announced

The annual Sugoi Japan Award winners have been announced for 2017!

Voting for the annual awards took place between November 16 and January 3 across four categories: Manga, Anime, Ranobe (Light Novels) and Novels.

The top five anime is a pretty standard list with no real surprises – Joker Game comes in at number 3 above above One-Punch Man and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure which might seem a little odd, but for some reason Japanese anime fans have been loving Joker Game since it aired in Winter 2016.

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The Attack on Titan challenge #4 Hardest-to-deal-with death

This is an interesting one because after reading the later parts of the manga I can’t help but feel some of the later deaths are far worse than those we’ve seen in the anime so far. That said, I’m going to use some later manga context to decide my decision – though I won’t say what that is to prevent spoilers.

There are of course loads of deaths to choose from – in the first couple of arcs when the walls fall soldiers and family members die a lot, I mean Eren’s mother, Armin’s whole family, most of the soldiers in Shiganshina, 200 soldiers in Trost. In the second half when the Scout’s go beyond Wall Rose and encounter the Female Titan a lot of people – most notably the majority of the members of the Levi squad.


I didn’t go for any of those though. In episode 13 after the smoke has cleared following the reclamation of Trost, just when the writers allow us to think the death by Titans has finished for an episode or two, we find one final death: Marco. It’s testament to the show that most of the cadets in the opening half that they all have very distinct traits and Marco is one that manages to hold everything together. Unashamedly afraid of fighting the titans and happy to be reliant on people that aren’t particularly strong themselves, he was a pillar of stability in a group of highly strung and frightened people.

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A quick update

Hey guys, just a quick one from me this evening and I’m afraid it isn’t very exciting.

I wanted to let you know about you things that I’ve been thinking about for a little while that I will either be thinking about harder or will be starting on the blog soon.

Firstly, as you may remember if you were around at the New Year, I talked about changing the name of the blog. It was meant to happen in January, I mentally told myself it would happen in February and now we’re in March and sad to say I’m no closer. Here’s hoping for a lightning bolt of inspiration. In all seriousness though, I would still like to change the name, The Tiny World of an Anime Amateur is fine, but I should face up to facts: it’s a bit of mouthful and it sounds a bit naff.

You may have also noticed in the last few weeks I’ve been having a bit of identity crisis – no not IRL, just with my display name! I moved away from showing my real name before coming back to it again. Like the site name, if I can think of good one I will change it, but my name is my name and I see no harm in having my name on this site for you guys to see.

I’ve also been thinking about spending some money on my site – you know, removing the .wordpress bit and getting some more storage as I quickly start to run out. As a result, I’m going to start using affiliate links: these will only be related to the things I write (so for example on my review of the Your Lie in April Blu-Ray, I would put a link to that product and so on) – I don’t want it to be intrusive, but if it could help towards future upkeep, even a little, that would be great.

Finally, I want to start writing more about manga. At the moment I sporadically review each chapter release of Attack on Titan, but apart from that, I do very little. This is pretty strange really as I actually read quite a lot more manga and work in a bookshop… so expect more manga goodness soon.

Thanks for reading as always! 🙂

Anime Challenge #13 Anime character most similar to you: Yuuta Togashi

Hey everyone! It’s been a little while since I’ve written one of these anime challenge posts – I’ve been so caught up with my new Attack on Titan monthly challenge that I haven’t had much time to keep going with this one. That does mean I am a little bit behind, but even if I don’t quite complete the 30 articles in 15 weeks, they will eventually get done!


#13 is a bit of an odd one as I need to try and choose a character that’s similar to me. I tend to watch anime, partly at least, as a form of escapism so identifying a character that’s most similar to me isn’t something I’ve really ever thought about before. So, I’ve had a little think about it and I’ve decided on a character that has already featured in this challenge as half of my favourite couple: Yuuta Togashi.

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Spring 2017 anime to look out for

It’s okay to say it. We’re all pleased that Winter 2017 is starting to reach it’s concluding episodes – for the majority of shows over the last two and a half months, the final three or four episodes will be not be an exhilarating, action packed, high tension, satisfying  conclusion to be savoured but instead will pass most of us by disappointingly wasting 25 minutes every week as they have done for the most of the season.

Maybe I’m being a little harsh, but when you compare what we’ve got now to what we’ve got to look forward to between April and June I wouldn’t blame you for wishing the next few weeks away. It’s still a little early to have completely decided what I’ll be watching for Spring 2017 so here is my ‘preliminary’ list of shows I’m interested in.

Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon: Sword Oratoria

The original season of DanMachi was a lot of fun, if slightly lacking in any solid plot. I’m excited to see how they develop the world in the second season as that was one of my favourite parts first time around. I’d like to see the return of the original cast in some way as I actually thought they were really good, but if there’s a good alternative then I guess I’ll get over that.

Clockwork Planet

One of several shows we don’t know lot about next season. Based on an ongoing light novel series by Yuu Kamiya and Tsubaki Himana. It’s tagged as Sci-Fi and Fantasy which could mean anything, but I’m always interested in the artificial intelligence concept so will be checking this one out this month.

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The Attack on Titan Challenge #3 Favourite Side Character

There are so many great side characters in Attack on Titan, it makes choosing one favourite much more difficult than last time when I was choosing my favourite main character.


Although the rest of the cadets have never done much for me, the senior members of the Survey Corps could have a show all to themselves (Levi actually does have a couple of OVA episodes…). Hange is a great mix between very funny and extremely cunning and I needn’t give an explanation as to why Levi is awesome. However, I’m not going with either of them because my number 1 side character in Attack on Titan has to be Erwin Smith.

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