Attack on Titan season 2: Tetsuro Araki interview

I don’t usually like to share things that were actually released a while ago as if they’re new, but that’s kind of what I’m doing here, but if you haven’t seen this (much like I hadn’t until 15 minutes ago) then I think you might appreciate it!

Chief Director of the upcoming second season of Attack on Titan, Tetsuro Araki gave an interview earlier this month to Aniplus Asia about working on and what we can expect from the new season.

There was a lot in the interview, but if you haven’t got time to watch it at the moment, I’ll give you a quick run down on some of the things he said.

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Sugoi Japan Awards 2017 Announced

The annual Sugoi Japan Award winners have been announced for 2017!

Voting for the annual awards took place between November 16 and January 3 across four categories: Manga, Anime, Ranobe (Light Novels) and Novels.

The top five anime is a pretty standard list with no real surprises – Joker Game comes in at number 3 above above One-Punch Man and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure which might seem a little odd, but for some reason Japanese anime fans have been loving Joker Game since it aired in Winter 2016.

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A quick update

Hey guys, just a quick one from me this evening and I’m afraid it isn’t very exciting.

I wanted to let you know about you things that I’ve been thinking about for a little while that I will either be thinking about harder or will be starting on the blog soon.

Firstly, as you may remember if you were around at the New Year, I talked about changing the name of the blog. It was meant to happen in January, I mentally told myself it would happen in February and now we’re in March and sad to say I’m no closer. Here’s hoping for a lightning bolt of inspiration. In all seriousness though, I would still like to change the name, The Tiny World of an Anime Amateur is fine, but I should face up to facts: it’s a bit of mouthful and it sounds a bit naff.

You may have also noticed in the last few weeks I’ve been having a bit of identity crisis – no not IRL, just with my display name! I moved away from showing my real name before coming back to it again. Like the site name, if I can think of good one I will change it, but my name is my name and I see no harm in having my name on this site for you guys to see.

I’ve also been thinking about spending some money on my site – you know, removing the .wordpress bit and getting some more storage as I quickly start to run out. As a result, I’m going to start using affiliate links: these will only be related to the things I write (so for example on my review of the Your Lie in April Blu-Ray, I would put a link to that product and so on) – I don’t want it to be intrusive, but if it could help towards future upkeep, even a little, that would be great.

Finally, I want to start writing more about manga. At the moment I sporadically review each chapter release of Attack on Titan, but apart from that, I do very little. This is pretty strange really as I actually read quite a lot more manga and work in a bookshop… so expect more manga goodness soon.

Thanks for reading as always! 🙂

Spring 2017 anime to look out for

It’s okay to say it. We’re all pleased that Winter 2017 is starting to reach it’s concluding episodes – for the majority of shows over the last two and a half months, the final three or four episodes will be not be an exhilarating, action packed, high tension, satisfying  conclusion to be savoured but instead will pass most of us by disappointingly wasting 25 minutes every week as they have done for the most of the season.

Maybe I’m being a little harsh, but when you compare what we’ve got now to what we’ve got to look forward to between April and June I wouldn’t blame you for wishing the next few weeks away. It’s still a little early to have completely decided what I’ll be watching for Spring 2017 so here is my ‘preliminary’ list of shows I’m interested in.

Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon: Sword Oratoria

The original season of DanMachi was a lot of fun, if slightly lacking in any solid plot. I’m excited to see how they develop the world in the second season as that was one of my favourite parts first time around. I’d like to see the return of the original cast in some way as I actually thought they were really good, but if there’s a good alternative then I guess I’ll get over that.

Clockwork Planet

One of several shows we don’t know lot about next season. Based on an ongoing light novel series by Yuu Kamiya and Tsubaki Himana. It’s tagged as Sci-Fi and Fantasy which could mean anything, but I’m always interested in the artificial intelligence concept so will be checking this one out this month.

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Why simulcasting dubbed anime will change the way we watch

If there’s one thing I like to write about, it’s how we all actually watch anime. I’ve talked at length about the places you can go online to watch anime legally, the places you can go to buy Blu-Ray and DVD copies of anime. I whole heartedly believe that the best and easiest way to contribute to our favourite shows is buy paying to watch them, the amount of piracy surrounding anime is astronomical and for the most part it’s not even difficult or time consuming.

Don’t worry though. Today I won’t be preaching about why you should spend your hard earned money on expensive hard copies or even telling you to sign up to the big subscription services. Instead, I want to tell you how excited I am the start of simulcasting English dubs by Funimation.


I feel like I should first say, I don’t particularly like Funimation as a company. This is mainly because I live in the UK and Funimation treats it’s non-North American users like trash. Over here we got access to limited selection of their catalogue last summer. If you consider that to be a good thing, the American site is now region locked so if you want any news or updates you have to rely on social media – because of course British and Irish users don’t need to know what’s going on with new acquisitions, dubs and voice actors. We just get told that we have a ‘slightly-more-active-than-before’ website and we promise we’ll get the rest of the apps to you soon that you were meant to have last year kind of a thing (and deep breath). And if you don’t live here, my understanding is you still need a VPN to get anything.

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Anime fans think western media is superior to anime?!

Browsing across the internet, anyone reading this will know that you find some pretty strange, surprising and down right crazy comments. This morning while browsing through the MAL forum (a site you know I love, oh, so much from my last post) and found one user asking if other people feel as if western media was, generally speaking, better than anime.

My immediate reaction was shock – this is one of the home of western anime fans, how can someone be mooting the idea that anime isn’t as good as western TV and films. Between then and now, I have taken stock of the situation, searched some more and found that this is a pretty common topic. I’ve also come to the realisation that not only is such a suggestion not a bad thing, but it’s actually a really good one.

Cartoons vs Anime? The same? Different? One better than the other? Too many questions for one article…
I really like anime, and watch a lot of it as a result; although I don’t dislike western media, it would be fair to say that I would rarely choose it over a new and interesting anime. In this feeling, I’m sure that I’m not alone and that many of you reading this would, at least to some extent, agree with me. However, I think it’s important that as anime fans we’re not only aware of other types of media, but also in the know about the newest crazes in our own bit of the world.

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*Everyone loves lists!* Why I love anime stats

If you were dropping by today expecting something about a really exciting anime and were disappointed by this title hold on while I try and sell this one to you.

Here in the anime community everyone loves a list. From time to time the ‘top 10 action anime ever!’ can get a bit dull if there over done and there are only so many variations on the ‘top 50 anime openings of all time’ video. Rumour has it there are even some people that claim not to like lists at all – though I feel as if this cannot be true.

313000 anime opening videos. Better get started then.
313000 anime opening videos. Better get started then.

Anime fans are particularly lucky with the types of lists we have – as well as the two I have mentioned already we can have other genre lists like top shounen or top comedy etc. or themed for seasonal events like top Christmas, Halloween or Valentines (like my one for Valentines cynics last week!). There are people out there that pump out lists every day as their one only medium of content and, I mean damn it, they can live off of it!  Continue reading “*Everyone loves lists!* Why I love anime stats”

Top 5 anime for Valentine’s cynics

Valentine’s Day has come and gone again for another year. For some people it is a day of romance and affection while for others it is abhorred as a disgusting lovey-dovey, excuse for spending money and sickening PDA’s. This is an article for those of you in the second group: these are five anime where a perfect romance is not all that it’s cracked up to be (expect major spoilers throughout).

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Nekopara OVA kickstarter falls short of $1 million stretch goal

The kickstarter aiming to adapt the popular visual novel, Nekopara, into an OVA has fallen less than $40,000 short of it’s final stretch goal.

After reaching its initial target of $100,000 in the first day of existence, the original stretch goals for creating an extended, hour long OVA were met quickly. Additional stretch goals adding subtitles in different languages and the creation of new short visual novel were also met in the final week.

However, the final stretch goal, aiming to convert this new visual novel into a short anime of it’s own was not met.

In the final hours backers were advised that they will be unable to upgrade to most of the other rewards through the backerkit in an attempt to reach the target.

The final figures show 9122 backers giving $963,376 towards it’s ultimate $1,000,000 goal.

More information about the kickstarter herehere.

Attack on Titan season 2 release date and new poster!

You may or may not have heard that more details for Attack on Titan season 2 have been released!

Even if you haven’t read anything over the past few days, you probably have seen this new key visual:


Anime only viewers have now joined manga readers in seeing that some of the minor characters from season 1 will be stepping up in season 2; see Reiner and Bertholt on Eren’s left and Krista and Ymir on his left taking significantly more room that either Mikasa or Armin. There’s also an ominous shot of the beast titan looking down on the cast which suggests that he will be very involved in the season. Along with the trailer that landed in late December this means we can probably assume that a good chunk of this season will focus on the Clash of Titan arc that follows on immediately from the Female Titan arc of the manga.

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