My 1000th episode of Anime: DanMachi, Episode 7: Aiz Wallenstein

gSo today, according to MyAnimeList I watched my 1000th episode of anime. Practically for writing this blog post I was hoping it wouldn’t be an episode of Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? just because it turns the title into a bit of mammoth. That aside, I think it’s a pretty important milestone, despite almost a quarter of those episodes (224) being the original Yu-Gi-Oh series. Naturally it doesn’t include all the odd episodes of Pokémon I’ve watched through my life or anything like that, but let’s just roll with it, okay?

Yesterday I was watching a review of Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? and the reviewer made the point that the title gives off bad vibes which doesn’t do the show much good even before you’ve start watching it, which now that I think about it, is completely true. Dungeons and girls? It does have harem written all over it, and actually that’s what it looks like it’s going to be, however, by episode 7 it’s not looking like a huge failure. I won’t go into the whole of the show in this article in the interest of keeping things on topic for episode 7!

Bell's chosen love interest and a chronic napper.
Bell’s chosen love interest and a chronic napper.

Episode 7 sees our hero Bell finally get to talk to his saviour and now inspiration, Aiz Wallenstein. After being introduced and reclaiming his arm guard from Aiz, she offers to teach Bell how to fight with both ‘skill and strategy’ which as she points out, he is lacking. Turns out from this point on, loving a girl lots just isn’t enough to make you a hero.

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Guilty Crown Episode 17 Revolution: Exodus

As I said in my last post I’m a big fan of this show, so when I say if you were to watch a lot of episodes and think the show looked interesting, you can appreciate that there’s no attempt at objectivity there. With that same mentality I’d say of all the episodes throughout the series, if there was one to drag people in, I think it would episode 17: Exodus. It’s a busy episode in as much as a lot of plot points are covered, but I can’t say it feels rushed. It’s also an episode with a huge shock, which, apparently, is one of the reasons the show is so divisive but you know where I’m coming from and if you want a negative review, the internet is a big place. Shall I just get on with it?

Slow but surely, the only person left for Shu is Inori.
Slowly but surely, the only person left for Shu is Inori.

The episode continues from Shu’s revelation in episode 16 that the destruction of a person’s void causes their death. Instead of going into himself and stopping the use of voids, Shu gets even harsher on the students. In a conversation with Inori in their oasis paradise type thing (nope, not even I can accept that that place should be in the middle of the school), she reveals that she thinks she attacked Arisa. Think being the optimum word here as she lost consciousness just as the ceiling collapsed in gym at the end of the last episode, only to reawaken with blood on her hands, facing Arisa in the recording station.

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Guilty Crown, Episode 10 Degeneracy: Retraction

I’m not going to lie, I’m massively excited to be writing about Guilty Crown. At the risk of alienating a lot of my readership, it’s a show I really love and as a result over the next week or so you’ll probably get two or three more Guilty Crown themed posts.

Episode 10 of the show sees the first arc of the story begin to head towards it’s climax. After the events with Jun and Yahiro in the previous episode, Shu is having hallucinations about people getting infected with the apocalypse virus which leads Funeral Parlour’s mission to break a convey to fail.

Jun's death in episode 9 set's up the following episodes plot fantastically
Jun’s death in episode 9 set’s up the following episodes plot fantastically

This sets of the chain of events that cause all the problems and allows for the fantastic resolution throughout the rest of the episode. After Shu refuses to be part of Funeral Parlour any more, he returns to his house to find Inori leaving. For the first time we’re given an insight into end game of the show: as Inori prepares to leave she offers Shu a new song, but in another hallucination he sees another girl covered in the Apocalypse Virus in Inori’s place, causing him to lash out at her, destroying the song disk. Its just one of the many examples of the writers dropping small hooks to keep the viewer involved, and let me say it completely worked for me.

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Attack on Titan, Episode 21: Crushing Blow

Attack on Titan. When a show is as hyped as this is a lot of people’s first thought is one of scepticism. That includes me by the way. If everyone else likes it, it must be terrible, right? Anyway, this article isn’t a review of the whole show; at the moment I’m only 21 episodes through. This is a review of the last episode I watched, an episode which I think truly sums up the show, at least to this point anyway. I’ll say it now in case, somehow, you haven’t seen the show, this will contain spoilers.

Episode 21, Crushing Blow, comes at one of the many crunch points in the season. The female titan that has been stalking Eren has escaped the commander’s trap and retaken human form. To make matters worse, to prevent the squads retreat to the horses she turns back into her titan form and strikes down Gunther.

Initially, the battle starts well for the Levi squad
Initially, the battle starts well for the Levi squad

This sets up an episode of death and pain for the squad. Eren is convinced to leave by the others leaving  them to fight in attempt for him to escape. Levi’s squad initially seems to have the upper hand, as they blind the titan and sever her arms, leaving her seemingly defenceless while she regenerates. In a unseen turn of events however, she manages to focus her energy into one eye causing Eld to be bitten in half. This event puts Petra into a panic who is subsequently struck down. It isn’t long before Oluo is also killed when his attempts to slice the titan’s neck are thwarted by an icy defence.

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Sword Art Online II, Episode 4: GGO

For the first time in my very short anime life I’ve been able to watch a show as it is released (in dub that is, I know, I know, sorry). That show is the second season of Sword Art Online. This week I watched episode 4, GGO (Gun Gale Online). So, I’m going to try and give a quick overview of the episode, my thoughts and, on this occasion, the lessons we should try to take from it (all tongue in cheek, of course).

So far in show, we’ve been introduced to one this season’s new female leads, Sinon (or Shino in the real world), one of Gun Gale Online’s best snipers who also happens to be afraid of guns (!). Kirito has been asked by the government to go into GGO and investigate rumours of a player killing players in the real world through the game. Episode 3 ends as he is about to enter the game for the first time.

Whatever happens, you can rely on seeing this in SAO.
Whatever happens, you can rely on seeing this in SAO.

Episode 4 is all about Kirito beginning to understand GGO. That said it doesn’t stop him showing off how much better he is than everyone else on more than one occasion.

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Infinite Stratos II, episode 6: The Secret Base

As you might have seen on the group Facebook page, as well as writing one article a week as a review of a whole season or a feature on a specific aspect of the anime world, I’m also going to start doing a weekly episode focus. This will be an article that looks at an episode in depth and will be chosen because it’s fantastic, terrible or (as is the case today) plain ridiculous.

Despite not particularly liking the first season of Infinite Stratos, I decided to persevere and watch the second season. It was when watching episode 6 that I decided looking at one episode in particular for it’s standout qualities could be a good piece to write. That episode was episode 6, The Secret Base or Pride of a Maiden. 

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