First of all thank you for reading this! My name is Sam. I’m a History student at Exeter in the UK and somehow you’ve found your way on to one of my two 5blogs, this one being based upon the never ending and always surprising world of anime.

I’m not pretending to be an expert, but I do enjoy watching many different types of shows and thought I’d share that with you all here. Expect posts in various formats ranging from reviews to music features and everything in between.


At the moment I mainly write season and episodic anime reviews but I also write feature articles on different aspects within anime and have plans to start writing character profiles and manga and Japanese novel reviews. I’m always looking for new ideas so feel free to suggest anything to me!


As with anything online, remember that everything I write is only opinion. If you don’t like it, comment and I’d love to chat but it be great if people didn’t hate for hatings sake!


Despite being a self proclaimed amateur, that doesn’t stop me being an avid lover of stats so please have a look at my MAL and Hummingbird profiles!
If you you enjoy the site I would really appreciate it if you liked my Facebook page and if you have any comments post on the blog or tweet me here!
The twitter page in the link is a new site specifically for the blog, so any followers would be really appreciated! Thanks 🙂
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