Epsiode Focus: Scum’s Wish episode 8, Sweet Refrain

And to think I was disappointed with Mugi last week.


This weeks episode of Scum’s Wish saw the culmination of the plan for our two protagonists to confess to Akane and Narumi. And in a totally unsurprising turn of events, things did not turn out how Hana and Mugi expected them to. What’s worse is that Mugi – who takes the role of colossal anime idiot #1 – was completely aware of the situation, but went ahead with it anyway.

The episode started with a scene with Ecchan and her cousin, who seems to have a thing for her. Odd beyond the obvious as he doesn’t seem to mind that she is openly gay and not interested in dating men. For the first seven minutes, I even dared to believe that this episode might feel like last weeks again, building tension for the main pair, while the rest of the cast descend into despair.


I was in fact wrong. Last weeks episode was twenty minutes of making sure we knew what an idiot Mugi was and therefore was not going to be repeated again with the more sensible, though no less headstrong, Ecchan. The main event of the week was in fact the confession, and watching Hana and Narumi in isolation you might have believed that she has dragged herself out of a dark corner, and is able to start seeing other people as options for real and genuine relationships.


But no. Narumi is just a nice, if ridiculously naive and stupid, guy. To make things work for Hana in this show, she needed to end up with him and unfortunately that hasn’t happened and I’d be shocked if she doesn’t go on an emotional rampage against Mugi and anyone else that feels as if they can get close to her.

All of this is inevitable because, as I have said at least twice, Mugi is an idiot. After confessing to Akane, who continues to play her role of most evil woman in a romance anime I can remember, extremely well, Mugi ends up sleeping with the bitch. He is well aware that she doesn’t love him or even vaguely care about him – he might even be aware that her intentions are to cast him away and ruin Hana’s life even more. Regardless – he still goes ahead and follows her to the motel.


How can we explain these actions? To begin with, they aren’t surprising, simply because of the tone of the show up to this point – there never was going to be a happy ending between the main characters, it’s not ever been set out to go that way, and plot twists don’t work like that. A huge shock shifts the plot towards a run of the mill romantic ending – no way, not Scum’s Wish, in fact probably no anime.


I don’t really want to see Hana hating the world again because I feel as if she’s been through enough hardship already. Despite what Akane says, I don’t think she’s really meant to be like her. Unfortunately there is no way around that now – it may not have been the only possibility for our heroine, but I can’t help but feel it’s going to be the one we’re going to get.


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