If My Heart Had Wings: Ageha’s Route

It’s been a while since my last post on the visual novel If My Heart Had Wings, and with a big announcement for March coming tomorrow (I’m really excited!), I thought now was the perfect time for the next.

As with any visual novel, If My Heart Had Wings is based on several different routes. In IMHHW’s case, there are five routes in total but you probably wouldn’t guess it when you start the game. In fact, when I started playing, it seemed that there would be two, maybe three routes. The two that seem obvious in the early stages are that of the game’s poster girl, Kotori, and childhood friend, Ageha.


No one is going to argue with me when I say that to begin with Kotori is thoroughly dislikable. Of course, she can justify this and later on things become clear, but you can forgive me for first going with Aoi’s childhood best friend, Ageha.

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Anime Challenge #11 Favourite Mec Anime

Japanese transformers. Not the most accurate description of the mecha genre of anime, but it comes close enough. I haven’t really watched many anime that could be described as ‘mecha’ because, generally, I don’t like them. However, that does mean that it is easy to choose my favourite from the genre.

Code Geass.


In an alternate world history, the planet is dominated by a small number of vast empires and federations. Largest and (in the eyes of the protagonists at least) the most evil is the Britannia Empire, who ruthlessly occupied Japan and renamed it ‘Area 11’, removing the concept of the past nation.

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Episode Focus: Scum’s Wish episode 7, Lots of Love

Ah, shit. Now every member of the cast is officially in the gutter.


I feel like I say this every time I write an episode focus on Scum’s Wish, but this show is grim. Before this episode, the only example of happiness so far has come via Akane’s twisted satisfaction with ruining Hanabi’s dream of a perfect first love with Narumi. Episode 7 gave us a second, equally distasteful, moment as Moka apathetically dreams her way into a perfect date with Mugi.

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Anime fans think western media is superior to anime?!

Browsing across the internet, anyone reading this will know that you find some pretty strange, surprising and down right crazy comments. This morning while browsing through the MAL forum (a site you know I love, oh, so much from my last post) and found one user asking if other people feel as if western media was, generally speaking, better than anime.

My immediate reaction was shock – this is one of the home of western anime fans, how can someone be mooting the idea that anime isn’t as good as western TV and films. Between then and now, I have taken stock of the situation, searched some more and found that this is a pretty common topic. I’ve also come to the realisation that not only is such a suggestion not a bad thing, but it’s actually a really good one.

Cartoons vs Anime? The same? Different? One better than the other? Too many questions for one article…
I really like anime, and watch a lot of it as a result; although I don’t dislike western media, it would be fair to say that I would rarely choose it over a new and interesting anime. In this feeling, I’m sure that I’m not alone and that many of you reading this would, at least to some extent, agree with me. However, I think it’s important that as anime fans we’re not only aware of other types of media, but also in the know about the newest crazes in our own bit of the world.

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*Everyone loves lists!* Why I love anime stats

If you were dropping by today expecting something about a really exciting anime and were disappointed by this title hold on while I try and sell this one to you.

Here in the anime community everyone loves a list. From time to time the ‘top 10 action anime ever!’ can get a bit dull if there over done and there are only so many variations on the ‘top 50 anime openings of all time’ video. Rumour has it there are even some people that claim not to like lists at all – though I feel as if this cannot be true.

313000 anime opening videos. Better get started then.
313000 anime opening videos. Better get started then.

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Anime Challenge #10 Favourite fighter anime

I’m not entirely sure what ‘fighter’ anime means. I’m guessing it doesn’t need to be as specific as a show that is based solely on a fight or series of fights. So with that in mind I’m going to go for a show you might not expect – A Certain Scientific Railgun!

Fighting is certainly not the first word you might think of when you think of Mikoto Misaka and her friends but actually on deeper inspection a lot of the show definitely focuses around combat. Mikoto is the third  strongest esper in all of Academy City and particularly throughout the second season of the show she is absolutely involved in lots of fights!


In the Sisters Arc at the start of the second season (which is one of my favourite arcs generally in anime regardless of genre!) Mikoto is basically forced into going rogue, fighting against the system and the darkest people behind it. The fights that she is involved in range from strategic infiltration style defence to full on frontal assaults against the strongest possible opponents.

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Episode Focus: Code Geass R2 episode 5, Knights of the Round

I’m slowly working my way through the second season of Code Geass. I watched the first season ages ago and although I enjoyed it, I didn’t feel any particular need to watch the follow up. The prospect of season three sometime this year, however has given me that little push to get going with this season – which according to most, is brilliant.


Episode 5 sees the return of Suzaku, now a knight of the round and direct subject of the Emperor of Britannia. His arrival was seemingly prompted by Zero saving the Black Knights from execution in the previous episode. I was surprised all round with this episode: it seemed quite out of character for Lelouch as well as the show as a whole.

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Top 5 anime for Valentine’s cynics

Valentine’s Day has come and gone again for another year. For some people it is a day of romance and affection while for others it is abhorred as a disgusting lovey-dovey, excuse for spending money and sickening PDA’s. This is an article for those of you in the second group: these are five anime where a perfect romance is not all that it’s cracked up to be (expect major spoilers throughout).

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Anime Challenge #9 Favourite anime villain: The Sibyl System

Good news! This article is largely spoiler free – yaaay!

When I saw that I had to write on my favourite anime villain I felt a bit like I did with number five in this challenge (a show I’m ashamed to watch – it was Haikyu!! by the way) in as much as it was difficult to choose because I like nice characters. Villains are to be disliked and that’s just a fact. So I had a think and came up with a bit of a curve ball.

For those of you that have watched it, you’ll know that Psycho-Pass’s strong point above all else is it’s characters. Akane is the perfect up and coming detective complementing her troubled sidekick/safety buffer Shinya. On this same wavelength then it wouldn’t be a bad decision to choose Shougo Makashima as my top villain. He’s intelligent, calculating and knows how to play the system – on top of that he’s written in such a way that he compliments Shinya to the point where they form a rivalry that is so intense that only they can understand it, putting them on a level above the other cast members.


Or so we think. Psycho-Pass is not an anime that could allow a human being to be the villain. The real villain is the system itself.

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Nekopara OVA kickstarter falls short of $1 million stretch goal

The kickstarter aiming to adapt the popular visual novel, Nekopara, into an OVA has fallen less than $40,000 short of it’s final stretch goal.

After reaching its initial target of $100,000 in the first day of existence, the original stretch goals for creating an extended, hour long OVA were met quickly. Additional stretch goals adding subtitles in different languages and the creation of new short visual novel were also met in the final week.

However, the final stretch goal, aiming to convert this new visual novel into a short anime of it’s own was not met.

In the final hours backers were advised that they will be unable to upgrade to most of the other rewards through the backerkit in an attempt to reach the target.

The final figures show 9122 backers giving $963,376 towards it’s ultimate $1,000,000 goal.

More information about the kickstarter herehere.