Anime Challenge #7 Your anime crush: Rin Toosaka

I have discovered a problem. By making a list of my favourite anime girls, I’ve already written about my ‘anime crush’. That said, I suppose you’re just going to have to read a bit more about Rin.

Rin Toosaka needs little introduction on this blog, but I’ll give you one anyway. Master in the fifth holy grail war of Fate/Stay Night and summoner of the servant Archer. She is one of three main female characters in the franchise and is the main female in the Unlimited Blade Works route of the visual novel.


Without doubt, there are a lot of things to like about Rin. Many people will tell you that she is the archetype of the tsundere character type and to some extent they are right, particularly if you watch the first incarnation of the anime (depicting the Fate route of the visual novel). However, watch the Unlimited Blade Works anime and you will see other sides to Rin.

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Responsibility as a coping mechanism in School-Live!

If you only take one thing from this article then it should be this. Watch the first episode of School-Live right now and don’t read anything about it. I guarantee you’ll thank me for it afterwards. (I haven’t even tagged this post properly for your benefit!)

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Anime Challenge #6 Anime you want to watch: Hyouka

This is a bit of massive topic isn’t it? After narrowing it down past shows that have already been released and shows that aren’t part of another franchise I’ve enjoyed, a lot of thinking, a roll of the dice and a game of rock, paper, scissors, I’m going to go with Hyouka.


Hyouka has been on my to watch list for such a long time, but I’ve only heard good things about it. It’s produced by the powerhouse studio, Kyoto Animation and is directed by the excellent Yasuhiro Takemoto. It’s an anime tagged as a slice of life, school mystery but it’s genre, studio and director aren’t really the reasons I’m interested.

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Anime Challenge #5 Anime that you’re ashamed you enjoyed: Haikyuu!!

The reason there’s been such a gap between this article and the last in the challenge series is because I’m not ashamed to enjoy anime. It’s my main hobby and if I enjoy a show it’s because it does at least something that I think is good about anime more generally. How then, did I come to choose Haikyuu!! as the one anime I’m ashamed to enjoy? Well before I say anything about the show, I’m going to share a little something about me…

2017-01-22 (3).png

I haven’t watched anime for all that long a time. In fact besides Yu-Gi-Oh (which is great) and Pokémon (which is fine) I didn’t watch an anime in full until I was 19 (i.e. roughly 3 years ago). Compared to most of my friends, I could hardly be called a nerd/geek/anything else along those lines. Fortunately for me, my girlfriend, who I can’t convince to watch any anime (tips in the comments please!), didn’t really care. We live a life where anime is ever present, but rarely spoken about.

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If My Heart Had Wings : an introduction

I’ve played visual novels on and off for a while now – in fact I’ve even completed one (yes, just one). At Christmas I was given If My Heart Had Wings, a story about mechanical gliders and the people that make them.

More about the story below, but first what I’m going to do over the course over a few articles. So far I’ve completed the common route and am half way through the first heroine routes and as I play through each I’ll offer my opinions on each, give indicators on the few decisions you get to make. I’ll also let you know my opinion on the restoration patch, add-on ‘Sweet Love’ and anything else that doesn’t fall under the main routes.

In If My Heart Had Wings you play as male protagonist, Aoi as he returns to his hometown and joins the Soaring Club. The story goes into a lot of depth on it’s central theme of flying, but also focuses on overcoming ones limitations.

Why marathon TV viewing is one of the best things to come from today’s internet

If you watch any kind of TV show (anime or otherwise) you’ll probably have discovered the joy of finding a show you absolutely love and watching episode after episode. It might range from getting in after a busy couple of weeks at work and catching up on three or four episodes or discovering a show that aired long ago in the past with eight seasons all readily available.

We use the internet for a lot of things: today I’ve completed online reading at university, checked several social media sites, browsed clips and screenshots on the Xbox, found a very useful prompt on WordPress (!) and watched several episodes of Haikyu!.


On the face of it watching TV online probably doesn’t seem all that big a thing to anyone – everyone does it all of the time, right? Well yes, but this is still a relatively new thing – especially for most people. Facebook and Twitter are great for keeping in touch with friends and family as well as generally wasting some time but being able to open up Crunchyroll (or whatever else it might be) and choose any show out of hundreds and watch as many episodes as I want one after another is just brilliant.

I’m proud to say that on one occasion just over a year ago, when I had the house to myself, I watched 11 episodes of a show (AnoHana – it comes highly recommended!) I’d never seen before in one evening. I found myself hooked very early on and before I realised I was over half way through – with all the power and no lack of desire to watch the rest I was happy to settle in for the duration.

So find an interesting show, get comfy and prepare for a long evening.

via Daily Prompt: Marathon

Anime Challenge #4 Favourite female anime characters – a list!

Along with my blog, I like to keep my MAL profile up to date as much as possible. Apart anime itself, the part of my profile that gets change the most is my favourite characters. As I made pretty clear in the last challenge post, I’m pretty fixed when it comes to my favourite male character. My favourite female character however is much more difficult to decide upon. At the moment this list looks like this:


This list is hardly extensive and even looking at it now I’m not keen on the order. So – stealing from someone else who is doing this challenge (I’m so sorry but I can’t remember who you are but I’m very grateful!), I’m going to write a list of all of my favourite female characters! So in no particular order…

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Kuzu no Honkai Episode 1 and a comment on Winter 2017

Over the past two weeks the Winter 2017 season’s shows have been airing their first episodes and the anime community has reacted largely with disappointment. Unfortunately I can’t help but agree with the majority of people and say that original shows this January are a huge let down – though there are some big name titles getting sequels that have helped lessen the issues (KonoSuba, Blue Exorcist and Chaos;Head most notably).

On the one hand we’ve got some bland rom-coms like Masamune-Kun’s Revenge (if that’s even a romance!?) or Fuuka (which I’ve yet to start but appears underwhelming even from the promo material). Then at the other end of the spectrum we’ve got ridiculous fantasy shows epitomised by the abhorrent Hand Shakers (the article on that one will be scathing, I promise).


But this evening I saw the proverbial silver lining to this season in Scum’s Wish or Kuzu no Honkai. Having seen and then ignored the manga on Crunchyroll, I was eager to have a look at what sounded like an interesting premise for anime adaptation.

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Anime Challenge #3 Favourite Male Character: Rintarou Okabe

When I came to start thinking about writing this article I sort of wished that I was able to write about some really niche character from an equally niche anime that is under valued by the community. Obviously that hasn’t happened – but can you blame me?

If you read my previous challenge post on Guilty Crown you’ll remember me saying I differentiate between the ‘best’ anime and my favourite. In my opinion Steins;Gate is far and away the best anime I’ve seen (come on Steins;Gate 0!) and it owes no small thanks to it’s main character for that.


Rintarou Okabe, Okarin, or Hououin Kyouma is a nerdy university student with two identities, a largely pointless ‘laboratory’ and a distinct case of chunibyou syndrome. If that wasn’t interesting enough he is the inventor and subject of a time machine that changes his life, causing all manner of problems for those around him.

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Japanese Film Tour of UK set to include anime Koe no Katachi

*UPDATE 29.01.17* It has been announced that Koe no Katachi will be shown at ten locations across the UK between the 5th February and 26th March. These locations are: ICA London, Showroom Sheffield, QUAD Derby, Watershed Bristol, Macrobert Arts Centre Sterling, HOME Manchester, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Exeter Phoenix, Phoenix Leicester and Queen’s Film Theatre Belfast. Exact times are still to be confirmed but dates can be found on the Japan Film Tour website.

Following the overwhelming success of Kimi no Na wa in Japanese and overseas cinemas, UK anime fans will be delighted with the prospect of getting the opportunity to see another of 2016’s premier anime features.

Koe no Katachi or A Silent Voice, directed by Naoko Yamada, was released in Japanese cinemas on 17th September 2017, ranking only behind Makoto Shinkai’s latest release in the box office. It’s a film based on the manga of the same name by Yoshitoki Oima that follows Shoya Ishida, a delinquent who bullies a deaf student, Shoko Nishimiya in elementary school. The film focuses on events several years after, where he meets her again and seeks redemption.

The showing, which has so far been confirmed at the ICA London, is part of a wider showing of Japanese films that aims to give viewers a broad introduction to Japanese cinema through ‘the prism of desires, hope and impulses’.

Ever since I heard about Koe no Katachi I’ve really wanted to see it and I’m glad that the success of Kimi no Na wa has helped to bring western cinemas more great anime – now we just need to hope that they show it more widely across the tour!

The Japan Foundation Tour 2017 is scheduled across the UK between the 3rd February and 29th March. For a full list of films and locations so far have a look at their website here.

Amazon have also listed three editions of the film for pre-order on December 18:

Collectors Blu-ray/DVD Combi

Standard Blu-Ray

Standard DVD