Review: Seraph of the End – Battle in Nagoya

The second half of the first season of Seraph of the End was one of the most anticipated shows of the Fall anime season. When 24 episode seasons are split into two halves over different seasons there is often a tendency to expect more from the second half than the first, if only because we know the characters and by this point expect some plot development. In this respect, Battle in Nagoya does well, fleshing out the characters further while pushing the plot forward using a single event as the main process: a battle in Nagoya. The big problem though is the lack of new ideas in terms of the main characters.

There is still a good amount of comedy in this season - especially given its not exactly a light hearted subject.
There is still a good amount of comedy in this season – which is great given its not exactly a light hearted subject.

Plot Overview

After recovering from their previous encounter with the vampires, Shinoa squad spend some time honing their skills and becoming more tuned with their demons. Though this seemingly only serves to show off some new powers Yu and Kimizuki have gained, the development of the relationship between Yu and Asharumaru does prove to be the real point of the opening couple of episodes.

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Chapter Reaction: Attack on Titan 77 [SPOILERS]

As a big fan of the anime, I’ve gradually been making my way through the Attack on Titan manga. As those of you who read the manga will know already, there have been some frankly mind blowing revelations as the manga continues on after the end of the anime.

From this point on there will be big spoilers for chapter 77 and the manga post-season 1 anime – you have been warned.

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MAL Anime Watching Challenge 2016 List!

As I mentioned briefly in my post yesterday, this year I am attempting the MyAnimeList Anime Watching Challenge. This involves me watching 50 shows each of which must fulfil a certain criteria.

As an additional challenge for myself, I’m going to try to write something, whether that be a review, discussion piece or anything else on every anime I finish in the challenge.

The list below has been divided up into different categories and I will be updating as I decide what I’m watching and then again when I’ve watched it. Check out the gallery at the top of the page to see what I’ve finished so far!

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Blog Update and MAL Anime Watching Challenge

So after what feels like an absolute age and several started but unfinished articles I’m back on wordpress! December was a busy month for me with uni deadlines, Christmas, New Year alongside my crowded anime watching schedule, but I am sorry I’ve been so quiet over the month. In this post I’m  just going to give you an idea of some of the things I’m planning on the blog in the future.

Autumn 2015 wasn’t a bad season for new anime and I watched a few of them! First thing planned on my list of articles to write is a review of the second cour of Owari no Seraph, a show which I enjoy in the spring and had high hopes for this time around. If I can find the time I’d also like to review Noragami’s second season and The Perfect Insider. 

Of course, that’s in the past and now we’re into the Winter 2016 season which is shaping up to be the best season of anime I’ve been around to see so far. I’ve started watching nine of this seasons’ anime already with several more on the ‘Plan to Watch’ section of my anime list on MAL. By the end of the season I’ll be looking to choose some of the most interesting to review (hopefully a little more promptly than this season but I can’t promise anything with a dissertation looming around the corner!) as well as a more general overview review article.

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