First Impressions – Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider

The autumn season of anime is well underway with most shows now either two or three episodes. Of all the shows I’ve started this season, the one that has intrigued the most is the psychological mystery The Perfect Insider. 

The show is an adaptation of Hishori Mori’s 1996 mystery novel and has reached the anime medium after adaptations into a manga, visual novel and live action drama.

Very deep thinkers these two...
Very deep thinkers these two…

It’s difficult to write a first impressions review of this show because things are still unraveling even at the end of episode 3. Essentially the story goes something like this: a teacher and his student (who are both very clever) have a bit of a fascination with a doctor who as well as being widely viewed as the cleverest person alive, killed her parents. The teacher takes his seminar group on a trip to the island where the mysterious doctor has been in seclusion for the past 15 years only to bear witness to the aftermath of a murder.

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The top anime I’ve watched this summer

As with anything that lives largely on the internet, the world of anime seems to love a good list. So today, because of criminal lack of reviewing over the past couple of months, I’m going to rank all of the shows that I’ve seen over the summer since the start of July by enjoyment (any attempt at being critical is being thrown out of the window for this article!). I’m going to every show I’ve seen whether it aired this season or I’ve only now got around to watching it, but to keep things interesting I’ll be combining seasons. Let’s get started!

  1. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Bottom of the pile is the famous (infamous?) Madoka Magica. I’m not exactly an avid fan of magical girl genre but given the hype behind this show I felt that it might be worth the watch. What I found from watching the 12 episode season was a dark, beautiful but other underwhelming show that didn’t really seemed really confused up until the final 4 episodes. Then I watched the follow up movie: and the mess that it’s ending created is the cause for the Madoka Magica’s poor position in the list. Shame.

A stuffed pink animal would have been more fun than Madoka Magica.
A stuffed pink animal would have been more fun than Madoka Magica.

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Review: Charlotte

I seem to remember writing a first impressions review back at the start of the summer being really, really excited about Charlotte. Jun Maeda, Key, P.A Works and super powers – what could possibly go wrong? Three months later, I’m here to tell all.

Background and plot

The premise to Charlotte is a simple but very good one: a proportion of adolescent teenagers have (albeit somewhat limited) superpowers, ranging from flight to telekinesis. The show follows the student council of a school full of such teenagers who are out to protect other ability users that are at risk of being caught and experimented on by evil scientists.

This is as deep as Yuu ever gets.
This is as deep as Yuu ever gets.

The show runs for 13 episodes and initially sets a very good pace, using the first five or so episodes getting to know the members of the student council, Nao, Joujirou, Yusa and Yuu as well as the laters younger sister, Ayumi. Charlotte really excels in the middle episodes where the development from the opening really pays off with plenty of really enjoyable, well done drama and action.

There are couple of gaping problems in the plot however: firstly, an event occurs which in many ways makes a lot of things that happen in the show pointless and makes no effort to rectify the issue later on in the show.

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