Review: Kokoro Connect

When picking out anime to watch I tend to go for action heavy shows with lots of drama, conflict and intrigue. Every so often however, I feel like it’s worth rewinding, picking up a slice of life school drama and enjoying the ride it provides. Kokoro Connect was a show I decided to watch in just those circumstances.

Background and plot

The world of Kokoro Connect is, to no one’s surprise, largely a high school club room. The Cultural Research club is essentially the place for students that didn’t really fit into anything else, a situation which is taken advantage of by the ‘villain’ of the piece.

Serious issues and comedy are mixed together perfectly.
Serious issues and comedy are mixed together perfectly.

But what is the show actually about I hear you ask? Well, on one completely normal day two of the five club members swap bodies only for it to later be revealed that the event was not a one off and other similarly strange occurrings happen. The reason? A vaguely supernatural being known as ‘Heartseed’ wants to conduct experiments and thought the group were particularly interesting candidates.

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Charlotte Episode 11: Charlotte

In the past few weeks Charlotte has become this season’s anime to watch. What started off as a nostalgic Angel Beats! throwback has grown into a twist filled, action packed, feels heavy train ride into the trials and tribulations of Yuu Otasaka and those around him.

After last week’s episode it was hard to tell where the show was going with it’s final three episodes. The show had seemingly resolved what could have easily been a problem for the whole show. But this is Jun Maeda. So things won’t stop happening until the end of the thirteenth episode.

Very few things in anime are completely pointless.
Very few things in anime are completely pointless.

The episode opens by skipping the opening and reintroducing Yuu (again) and Mayumi to their older brother Shunsuke. For the first time in the show Yuu actually makes the decision to reflect on the scenario he has found himself in as well as what he has just been through. Compared to episode 7, Yuu shows some independence and maturity, while inwardly thinking of Nao, showing again the effect she has had on him as a person.

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Review: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Madoka Magica needs little introduction. Magical girls are a fixture of the world and the question appears not to be if they will survive the series, but instead what the protagonists will wish for in exchange for gaining magical powers and fairy costumes.

But then this is Madoka Magica – the anime even those that haven’t watched it describe as ‘very dark’. And they’re right to, this is no Sailor Moon, and if that’s what you’re after then go and watch Sailor Moon itself because I’m sure it’s fantastic for girls getting magical powers and saving the world. Madoka Magica on the other hand is not so simple

Happy magical girls anime anyone?
Happy magical girls anime anyone?

Background and Plot

Madoka is your average 14 year old middle school girl, living her life quite happily with her family and friends in what appears to be a near future world. Her world starts to change when the strange creature Kyuubey appears to her in a dream offering her the chance to become a magical girl.

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