Review: Gatchaman Crowds

Heroes living amongst us with the secret power to transform and protect the world from aliens. No doubt the premise for many children’s favourite tv shows now and in the past. Surely though, such a genre couldn’t be successfully taken and plied to (slightly!) more mature audience? That is the task the Gatchaman Crowds gives itself, and here is what I think of it.

Everyone's a hero.
Everyone’s a hero.

Background and plot

The world we all live in is constantly under threat from aliens who would destroy the planet or otherwise use it and humanity as their playground. This is the world presented to us in Gatchaman Crowds along with it’s faithful protectorate, the Gatchaman. Super heroes that, by using the god given NOTE, transform and secretly protect society.

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Review: Tokyo Ghoul

People eating other people usually isn’t a particularly palatable topic on screen (see what I did there?).  For some reason while television and film, may that be anime or otherwise, has in recent times glamourised the concept vampires and all that comes with them, it has very rarely and only cautiously dabbled into the realms of cannibalism.

Tokyo Ghoul then steps bravely into this gap, telling a story where eating people is not accepted or chosen but is necessary. It is a story that questions society as well as the morality of those within it.

Background and plot

The world in which Tokyo Ghoul is much the same as modern Japan today. Set in Tokyo (well, duh), the world is inhabited by humans and ghouls. To the eye there are no difference between the two, with ghouls fitting into society seamlessly, with only one thing giving them away: devoured humans. The one difference between humans and ghouls is simple – ghouls eat humans.

Kaneki lives a totally normal human life in the show - for about 10 minutes at least.
Kaneki lives a totally normal human life in the show – for about 10 minutes, at least.

As with any horror based plot, the main character is unassuming and in this case lonely and parentless university student, Kaneki Ken. Kaneki lives his typical human life quite happily until a date with the seemingly like minded and beautiful Riza goes wrong when he becomes her dinner. After being saved by an accident (?) Kaneki is forced to have an organ transplant to save his life, and thus transforming him into part ghoul.

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The Anime Amateur on YouTube!

Hey all, for the first time I’ve posted a video to YouTube! It’s my top 20 anime openings 2008-15. My video editing isn’t the best, but hopefully you’ll enjoy some of the openings and maybe you could let me know what some of your favourite openings are as well?


Video has been muted following several copyright claims (figures). I’m having a look into it and seeing if there is anyway in which the video can be on YouTube with some kind of sound.


After filling a dispute against the copyright claims on my video, the audio has been restored!