First post in my anime world

A few years back a few of my friends came to me with this interest of theirs that they thought I should get involved in. Anime. What we might describe as Japanese cartoons, I guess. Being a mature young adult of 15 I decided quite quickly that I was beyond children’s programmes that I couldn’t understand.

And for a while that was that. No way was I going to go back to my childhood of watching programmes like Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokémon, despite how much I had enjoyed them at the time. Whatever I was going to watch in my adult life, it was at least going to be live action if nothing else.
This state of ignoring my friends’ obsession continued as the status quo until around a year ago when on a nerdy sleep over (for all of my maturity, I am unashamedly proud), they decided to ‘show me’ the first episode of the original Full Metal Alchemist. Somewhat begrudgingly, I agreed not to turn on my 3DS and to leave the laptop alone and give up the next 25 minutes of my evening for the sake of my friends.
I won’t pretend that at this point I had an epiphany because actually after that first episode I didn’t feel especially hooked or otherwise swayed towards the view of the rest of the group. At that stage I had just become interested in a story. A story that did not seem to be as Cartoon Network friendly as I had imagined or for that matter, half as dry.
Edward Elric. The first self confident hero
of my anime world
So, I went away and watched the rest of the series. Full Metal Alchemist, for all of the recommendations I would now give it, is without doubt the anime I took the most time to watch. An episode every other day; sometimes even more days than that would go by and I wasn’t bothered about watching the next episode. Yet, in the end I finished it.

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